What is a CAT ? How to do preparation for CAT exam?

By | March 6, 2021

What is a CAT ? How to do preparation for CAT exam? – Every year millions of students pass the graduation exam. The dream of many of these students is to join the corporate world to make a career and earn a lot of money by occupying big positions. To fulfill this dream, Master of Business Administration (MBA) is an attractive option. Although MBA courses are offered by many institutes, CAT exam conducted by IIM in India is of most importance.

Every year lakhs of candidates appear in the CAT examination. So it is not easy for the students to pass the exam. Students need to study hard continuously to pass the exam. How do the candidates prepare for CAT and make their bright future successful in the examination. Its full details are given below.

What is a CAT ? How to do preparation for CAT exam?

CAT ie Common Admission Test. This is a computer-based exam. Every year lakhs of students appear in this exam. This examination is conducted by the Indian Institute of Management (IIM). Students study business administration programs through CAT and make a career in this field. There is no maximum age limit for this examination.

What is IIM?

The full name of IIM is Indian Institute of Management. IIM The CET conducts the entrance test called the CAT for selection of students for MBA programs. The scores awarded by CAT are recognized by many other management schools, not just IIMs.

How much time is sufficient to prepare for CAT?

Experts and qualified students claim that if the student studies smart and aiming, then six months time is sufficient to prepare for the CAT exam. To get good marks in this exam, candidates must bring sufficient score. An adequate score does not mean that you answer all the questions. You should try for your selection to answer as many questions and all the answers are correct. Many students who have topped the last few years say that they have passed the exam by studying 2-3 hours daily in a period of only six months. For this, you need to know the exam pattern.

What should be the number of graduation marks for CAT examination?

All those students who have passed graduation with 50% marks can appear in this entrance examination.

What is the number of CAT exam?

CAT is a computer-based examination in which 100 questions are asked. The questions are objective type. A question has 4 marks. You are given 3 hours to solve all these questions. All questions MCQ Are asked in the pattern. Answer the question that you have full knowledge of because one mark is deducted if you answer 4 questions incorrectly. Questions are asked from the following three parts in the exam-

  1. Quantitative Aptitude – 28 marks
  2. World and Reading Comprehension – 44 marks.
  3. Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning – 28 marks

Get information about CAT syllabus before studying

In order to pass any examination, students must first know the syllabus related to the questions asked in that exam. Try to get more information about the type of questions asked in CAT exam. For this you should study the question paper of CAT in the last few years.

Along with this, you can also get the help of internet. Buy a good publication book available for CAT preparation. Get help from any student or any coaching institute in or around your home who can help you in preparing for CAT or solve your questions. You must study at least 3 hours daily. Read the newspaper regularly and watch the news every day. This will keep you up to date.

Time management is necessary for CAT

CAT is an exam that you need to have knowledge of time management to pass. There are many types of questions in the exam, first of these questions, solve them, which you can solve well. After answering all the questions that you know, solve those questions which will take you more time. This will not waste your precious time. Questions related to many subjects are asked in the exam, so give equal time to each subject.

Do not overburden the brain

This habit is seen very much in the students that when there are few days left for the examination, they start studying for more time. This is not always true. For such a high level examination, your brain should be calm. Therefore, when the exam day draws near, instead of remembering new things, revise old remembered things.

Do not be discouraged during exam

Often the candidates start getting discouraged at the time of examination but if you get nervous then you will not be able to achieve your goal. Focus on your preparation and take the exam with full brain power. While going for the exam, keep the admit card, pencil, pan etc. with you.

If you keep in mind the above things, then surely you will pass the CAT exam and you will be able to shape your future in your desired field.

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